Lamintec commenced its activities in 2006, with the establishment of two production facilities (one production line in each), in two Arab countries ( Saudi Arabia, Egypt).

Lamintec currently owns and operates 10 production lines, spread over two countries. The company has also established a Lamintec production facility in Amman, Jordan in early 2011.

From the period of establishing the company to date, numerous studies and plans were set in place with the aim of supplementing the main product varieties with supporting products - such as ledges, aluminum sheets, and finished foil sheets. A production line therefore has been installed in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The Research and Development (R & D) department in the company is also currently conducting studies for the production of new varieties to be introduced in other markets during the coming period - such as Embossing, UV, and High Glossy Mirroring panels. Lamintec production facilities operate within the most stringent international standards, and adopt an integrated plan to meet market needs, as well as expanding the production lines and diversifying the offered product range.